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We are Maid Smart

The best quality maids and a family owned American business

Our Mission

We are here to bring maid service into the 21st century. Many cleaning services still don’t offer a simple modern approach when communicating with their customers. Maid Smart is resolved in providing the best cleaning service to all of our customers. We work with the newest methods to assure scheduling an appointment is a simple and fast.

What Makes Us Different

Our Philosophy

Customer service should be there for the customer.

Quality is something that never wavers.

Always improve your products and services.

Booking a cleaning shouldn’t be hassle, it should be made easy and Maid Smart.

Our Maid Teams

Continual Improvements

We love to hear back from our customers. With your help we will continue improving our services to assure your cleaning meets the highest quality. We will always continue to innovate our website and services to make them accessible as possible. Cleaning made easy, cleaning Maid Smart