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Our professional maids clean your house from top to bottom.


A whole apartment complex or a single our maids have you covered.


Our maids make sure your workspace is spotless.

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Our Cleaning Checklist

Feel free to view our cleaning checklist to see what we offer in our cleaning packages

Our Cleaning Professionals

Maid Smart cleaning team members are insured and background checked.

All team members are paid fair and livable wages.

Every Maid Smart team member is hired under fair practices with no discrimination.

Any initial, deep, move-in & move-out, or time sensitive cleanings consist of two or more cleaning professionals.

Maid Smart's professional home cleaners under go internal reviews to help assure quality and customer satisfaction.

Each maid is trained personally by our managers and team leaders.

Maid Smart Team members use modern cleaning techniques along with professional cleaning equipment.

Our cleaning teams provide all cleaning supplies and equipment.

Cleaning teams are commutative and refer to customer notes for details you want addressed.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning vs Standard Cleaning

We always strive to provide a full service cleaning every appointment, giving you a beautifully spotless home, but sometimes your home needs some additional love and care.

The deep cleaning extra-feature provides your cleaning appointment additional time to give it that extra care. Allowing us to handle dust, grime, grease buildup. All those details needed to give you a healthy and stunning end result.

The deep cleaning feature is perfect for first-time bookings, one-time cleanings, and after parties or events.

When a home hasn’t been cleaned by a reputable professional cleaning service within 45 days our deep cleaning option should be selected.

This is due to the special attention and care needed to bring a home to Maid Smart standards.

Bedroom Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning

Our policy is to clean your home without causing any damage to your surfaces, pets, or children.

This is why our cleaners always work with low pH cleaning products and pay attention to the material of the surfaces we clean.

Our Green Cleaning option is a great additional feature to our general policy, using biodegradable and non-toxic products on all surfaces.

This option takes additional time and effort but provides the safest possible option for everyone in your home.

Living Area Cleaning Services

Your Home & Your Health

One of the largest health problems in a home is dust. This is why our maids are so detailed when cleaning.

Dust can become a breeding ground for dust mites or mold and contains pollen. Causing sneezing, runny or stuffy noses, irritated eyes, wheezing, coughing, shortness in breath, tightness in the chest and itching.

Where most maids only dust the visible areas of your home, Maid Smart makes sure to dust even the areas you can’t see. That’s because we know dust can affect your daily life in a negative way without you even knowing.

We highly recommend properly dusting your home throughout the year. Proper dusting will help keep your home’s air fresh and you in better health.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our services please contact our support. We offer multiple support options so that you get the answers you need at your convince. Try our live chat, we're here to help.

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