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How to Help Sell Your Home

How to Help Sell Your Home

There are a lot of ways to help sell your house. A lot of people miss one of the most important steps in selling a house; cleaning. Sounds basic enough, right? Well, there’s a little more to it. There are cleaning methods that help improve your open house and will convert more visitors into buyers using lighting, contrast and scents. These three aspects help visitors determine if they see the house as a potential home.

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Let’s look at the lighting in your residence. Having too little light can make a home feel unwelcoming and less approachable. A great way to help increase the lighting in your residence is cleaning your windows. This allows for the maximum amount of light your home is designed for. Vinegar is a great window cleaner; as it leaves very little residue. Next step to increase lighting, is a full dusting of the residence; including cobweb removal, dusting vents and dusting ceiling fans. This will help light coming through the windows bounce off more surfaces and create brighter living areas.

Now that you have the lighting that's needed, you can set the stage. Creating the right contrast in your home makes it feel more vivid and desirable to visitors. A great way to help increase the contrast in the right areas is polishing. By polishing woods and polishing metals you help create a vibrant and lively home for your visitors. By using a thin layer of wood oil like Old English on the woods and metals can help give a polished look for longer. When applying any oils make sure not to use an excessive amount or it can have a negative effect.  It’s best to use a microfiber cloth with barely enough oil to keep the clothe damp and not wet.

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With your house looking good you can now focus on smells. We focus on scents because smell can be a very powerful trigger for emotions. Certain scents have certain effects on people. The smell of a clean home can help give visitors a sense of freshness and new beginnings. Scents like vanilla can even help provide a sense of nostalgia to potential buyers. This helps them start imagining the residence as a home. When trying to create a pleasant smell for visitors make sure not to be excessive or it may have the opposite effect; you don’t want anyone to be overwhelmed. This also means being careful not to use too many chemicals when cleaning or you can give your house an artificial or clinical feel to potential buyers.

Following these basic cleaning tips help increase the chances of you selling your house because it can help bring out the best of your property’s potential. Allowing buyers to see the residence as a home and not just a place to live.

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By Gavin Clement

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